Disentangling the relative merits and disadvantages of parentage analysis and assignment tests for inferring population connectivity

New paper that systematically examines when and under what conditions parentage analysis outperforms assignment tests (and vice versa) for inferring populations connectivity.

Click on the link to see the full article here or visit my publications page if you have issues with access.

Using GitHub with R and RStudio


Using GitHub with R and RStudio


A few weeks back, the Molecular Ecologist released an article about GitHub and also created an organization where you can fork or simply download code shared by the Molecular Ecology community. A few of you out there may still be skeptical about the benefits of using GitHub. Or you may find it confusing and not worth the bother. You may be thinking to yourself (well, at least, I was guilty of this) that all of your code is backed up on Dropbox, Google Drive, and three external hardrives – so what could possibly go wrong? The short answer is: lots! The longer answer is that there really are some tremendous advantages associated with using Git and GitHub that may not be immediately apparent.

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