Research Highlights and Press

Science Daily (2012) Hatcheries change salmon genetics after a single generation. [Link]

Science Daily (2012) First paternity study of southern right whales finds local fathers most successful. [Link].

Evaluation of Christie et al. 2012. Faculty of 1000. [Link]

Perspective by Kenyon Mobley (2011) Grandfathering in a new era of parentage analysis. Molecular Ecology 20(6), 1080-1082] [Link, PDF]

Nature (2011) Plans for marine protection highlight science gap.  [Link, PDF]

Oregonian (Front Page, December 2011).  Study of Hood River steelhead finds natural selection in hatcheries causes rapid productivity declines in the wild. [Link]

Audubon (2011) A fishy date: Steelhead and rainbow trout mingle in the Northwest. [Link]

Perspective by Dennis Hedgecock (2010) Determining parentage from genetic markers sheds light on patterns of marine larval dispersal. Molecular Ecology 19(5), 845-847]. [Link, PDF]

Dispatch by Pete Mooreside (2010) Tiny larvae signal big potential for MPAs. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 9(2): 91. [PDF].

Evaluation of Christie et al. 2010. Faculty of 1000. [Link]

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